SugarSync vs. Dropbox


Ten years ago people using cloud storage were large corporations and computer geeks, but today cloud storage is the new way to compute, save and backup crucial data for anyone. Today there are literally hundreds of cloud storage providers to choose from and with Silicon Valley producing more each week, the competition is fierce. Two competitors that have been up for comparison a lot are that of Dropbox and SugarSync. So which is better? The answer lies in a detailed comparison of the two.

Why Online Storage

A lot of users are still on the fence as to why they should get online storage to begin with. Regardless if they use their computer for business or pleasure, any user can benefit from an online storage or cloud storage service by:

  • Having a safer, more reliable method for backing up crucial data
  • Preventing data loss due damage, theft or natural disaster
  • Being able to access stored files anytime and anywhere – including without a computer
  • Using mobile applications offered by cloud storage providers to access documents while on-the-go


During an initial comparison, Dropbox and SugarSync almost seem identical. After all, they both offer online storage for personal and business users that include the ability to backup, access via multiple outlets and sharing, but when you dig deeper the similarities start to stretch a little thin. Both systems allow users to utilize their online storage like a virtual hard drive, which means they can access files from their computer, update them and still access them from a different device without emailing or transferring them using physical storage. Both services offer platform capabilities that include Windows, Linux and Mac for maximum compatibility. First time signups with SugarSync start with 5GB free storage, while Dropbox users will start with 2GB of free storage. If users wish to upgrade their storage capacity beyond the free storage amount, they will have to pay a monthly or annual fee for both services.

SugarSync also allows users to back up any folder on their computer’s hard drive to the system, while Dropbox requires that the files are stored and updated directly in the Dropbox utility folder downloaded from the web. Both services do offer real-time updates and different version capabilities as well as the ability to sync folders to any device.

Attractive Offer

Sign up for SugarSync now to get a free 5GB account with 500MB additional free storage. For paid accounts even take advantage of an extra 10GB of storage.
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Or if you want to sign up for Dropbox as well, users can get a free 2GB account with 500MB additional storage or opt for a paid account and receive an additional 1GB of storage.
Use this link for Dropbox sign up.